Our Why

If you suffer Chronic Dry Eye, MGD, Blepharitis, Contact-lens Related Dryness (CLD) or Digital Eye Strain, nighttime can become a nightmare for your eyes. Dry Eye is a poorly treated condition, requiring lifetime use of over the counter and prescription products that cost an arm and leg and often fail to improve symptoms. Those of us suffering from dry eye are generally willing to do anything - pay anything - to achieve relief. We cobble together treatment regimes only after experimenting with dozens of products, wasting hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in the process.

Blinkjoy was born from personal difficulty. Our founder Justin Mendelson has struggled with dry eye disease for nearly two decades. His experiences consulting with specialists across the US and experimenting with hundreds of dry eye therapies to find relief from symptoms inform our approach to the products we make. At Blinkjoy, you’ll find products designed with unique and thoughtful details to promote relief from dry eye, hopefully bringing you moments of joy each and every day.

The Story

I’ve had severe dry eye for 15+ years. When I was at my worst, I used rewetting drops 15x/day and wasn’t sleeping longer than an hour at a time without waking up in excruciating eye pain. I have been prescribed and used every dry eye product that exists on the market, consulted with 20+ eye doctors, and conducted many experiments on myself to try and find relief. My story (unfortunately) is not unique.

After many years of struggle, I decided to take action. I made a commitment to myself and to the many millions of people that also suffer from dry eye to develop better products for eye health and chronic dry eye relief. I spent three years developing the Blinkjoy Sleep Mask for Dry Eye Relief. My hope is to make dry eye products more accessible for people (better looking, more comfortable) so they can maintain hydrated healthy eyes while sleeping - hopefully before symptoms become severe.

I founded Blinkjoy with the mission to rid the world of chronic dry eye disease and help anyone that struggles with eye pain, sensitivity, redness, or discomfort. I sincerely appreciate your business and support on this journey. If you have questions about our products, or simply want to discuss your condition, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message.

Yours in Health, Justin Blinkjoy Founder

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